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Learn Scuba Dive with Scuba Training Philippines

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Scuba Training Philippines offers Padi Scuba Diving Courses in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Here's an example; For beginners Open Water Diver course, for those who want to "Go Pro" Padi Divemaster Course, for the Specialist Master Scuba Diver (here's an example of the 5 Padi Specialties required for MSD certification; Deep Diver, Drift Diver, Night Diver, Nitrox, and Wreck Diver.

All of our Instructors are PADI CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS, and each of them have been diving for a MINIMUM of 20 YEARS. They have been trained to the highest levels, and all of them have at least 8 Specialities. They also LOVE TO TEACH, to share their love of Diving, and their years of experience with you.

Where can you dive with STP?

Pacific Divers, White Beach, Puerto Galera &
Capt'n Greggs Beach Resort, Sabang, Puerto Galera

How long do our courses take?

Courses can last from a few hours (Discover Scuba Diving) to a few weeks (Padi Divemaster), every Scuba course has different requirements.

PADI programs are based on the individual's performance. As you demonstrate mastery of each skill, you will be taught another, until you have mastered them all. This allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Scuba Training Philippines has a variety of schedules to meet most individuals needs.

How long do you have to complete each course?

12 months from date of commencement, however we strongly encourage students to complete their course within 3 months.

At Scuba Training Philippines we are dedicated to training you on "Your Schedule". You can take as long as you like to learn, be it 1 Day or 6 Months (for example; the Padi Open Water Dive Course consists of 5 confined water dives & 4 open water dives, usaually taking 4 days - ALL DAY EVERY DAY - with us you can break that up into 1 day a week for 4 weeks). Please speak to an Instructor to create a basic schedule.

What Scuba courses are available?

Scuba Training Philippines offers 12 Standard Courses, 12 Padi Specialty Courses plus 4 Emergency First Response Courses. We have a variety of scheduling options to meet most individuals needs.

You can also come along for FUN DIVES, with our very knowledgeable and experienced staff of Divemasters & Instructors. You are guaranteed to see some worderful sights, and have a fantastic experience.

Your first time on scuba feels Amazing

Only you can say why scuba interests you. Looking for adventure? Diving is one of the worlds most adventurous activities. Love nature? No other enviroment approaches the abundance and diversity of a pristine coral reef. Does discovery drive you? Even at frequently visited dive sites you'll see things most people never see and go where most people never go.

Scuba diving delivers adrenaline and intensity, or serenity and peace. You can take on challenges that require training, planning, special equipment, and focus, or you can drift relaxed through some of the world's most tranquil and beautiful settings. There's always something new to see, somewhere new to explore and some new way to enjoy it. You can't outgrow diving.

3 of our Favourite Dives sites in Puerto Galera

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Hibo Reef


DEPTH: 18 to 40M+

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 30 mins, from White Beach 10 mins

Our Instructor Andrew loves diving at Hibo Reef. He says "it begins with a free descent to about 20 meters and from here you can choose any depth you are qualified to go to". There are many varieties of fish here, Andrew has seen; Reef Sharks, Giant Groupers, Titan Trigger fish, Clown Trigger fish (as well as many smaller varieties). Turtles are regularly seen taking a well earned rest, after battling the (often) strong currents. The wall is covered with 3m Gorgonian Sea Fans and large Black Coral Trees, not seen at other spots locally.

Tamaraw Reef


DEPTH: 3 to 16M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 25 mins, from White Beach 5 mins

This is a relaxing shallow dive, starting in 3m - 4m of water, you can stay at less than 10m and still see many wonderful coral formations and fish, or you can head a bit deeper, still less than 20 metres, and find a whole different landscape. You will swim your way around huge Barrel Sponges and a thriving colorfull reef. Turtles are often found here (sometimes in groups). Over the sandy areas, Stingrays lay on the sand. Home to Leaf Fish and Frog Fish, this is a very good site for phoptoghraphy and also a good Night Dive.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Tamaraw Rocks Divesite

Alma Jane Wreck

Alma Jane Wreck # 3

DEPTH: 24 to 32M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 5 mins, from White Beach 25 mins

The Alma Jane Wreck was a Filipino cargo vessel that was sunk in 2003. The wreck itself is deteriorating, but the coral formations and the multitude of fish and critters keep this wreck literally alive. The Alma Jane Wreck stands, almost vertically, on the bottom of the ocean and reminds you of wrecks such as the Titanic or other cruisers that sank.

The Wreck has much to offer, inside, outside and on the underside (if it were still afloat). You can always see the resident sweetlips and batfish toward the stern, and dropping down to the rudder. You will see scorpionfish at the outside walls of the vessel trying to blend into the environment. Other residents of the Alma Jane Wreck include; lionfish, snappers, frogfish, trigger fish and trumpet fish.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Alma Jane Wreck Divesite

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