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DEPTH: 24 to 32M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 5 mins, from White Beach 25 mins

The Alma Jane Wreck was a Filipino cargo vessel that was sunk in 2003. The wreck itself is deteriorating, but the coral formations and the multitude of fish and critters keep this wreck literally alive. The Alma Jane Wreck stands, almost vertically, on the bottom of the ocean and reminds you of wrecks such as the Titanic or other cruisers that sank.

The Wreck has much to offer, inside, outside and on the underside (if it were still afloat). You can always see the resident sweetlips and batfish toward the stern, and dropping down to the rudder. You will see scorpionfish at the outside walls of the vessel trying to blend into the environment. Other residents of the Alma Jane Wreck include; lionfish, snappers, frogfish, trigger fish and trumpet fish.

Twenty photographs by Scuba Training Philippines