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Puerto Galera Dives Sites Information by Scuba Training Philippines

Puerto Galera has more than 30 dive sites to offer all within a short boat ride (from 1 to 40 minutes), making it one of the best diving destinations in Asia. There really is something for everyone here; with walls, wrecks, caves, drift dives, macro dives and much more. Everything to make a very memorable Scuba Training Philippines dive experience!

Hibo Reef


DEPTH: 18 to 40M+

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 30 mins, from White Beach 10 mins

Our Instructor Andrew loves diving at Hibo Reef. He says "it begins with a free descent to about 20 meters and from here you can choose any depth you are qualified to go to. As you head deeper the wall is covered with 3m Gorgonian Sea Fans and large Black Coral Trees, not seen at other spots locally". There are many varieties of fish here, Andrew has seen; Reef Sharks, Giant Groupers, Titan Trigger fish, Clown Trigger fish (as well as many smaller varieties). Turtles are regularly seen taking a well earned rest, after battling the (often) strong currents..

Tamaraw Reef


DEPTH: 3 to 16M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 25 mins, from White Beach 5 mins

This is a relaxing shallow dive, starting in 3m - 4m of water, you can stay at less than 10m and still see many wonderful coral formations and fish, or you can head a bit deeper, still less than 20 metres, and find a whole different landscape. You will swim your way around huge Barrel Sponges and a thriving colorfull reef. Turtles are often found here (sometimes in groups). Over the sandy areas, Stingrays lay on the sand. Home to Leaf Fish and Frog Fish, this is a very good site for phoptoghraphy and also a good Night Dive.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Tamaraw Rocks Divesite

Puerto Galera Dive Sites Map by STP
Alma Jane Wreck

Alma Jane Wreck # 3

DEPTH: 24 to 32M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 5 mins, from White Beach 25 mins

The Alma Jane Wreck was a Filipino cargo vessel that was sunk in 2003. The wreck itself is deteriorating, but the coral formations and the multitude of fish and critters keep this wreck literally alive. The Alma Jane Wreck stands, almost vertically, on the bottom of the ocean and reminds you of wrecks such as the Titanic or other cruisers that sank.

The Wreck has much to offer, inside, outside and on the underside (if it were still afloat). You can always see the resident sweetlips and batfish toward the stern, and dropping down to the rudder. You will see scorpionfish at the outside walls of the vessel trying to blend into the environment. Other residents of the Alma Jane Wreck include; lionfish, snappers, frogfish, trigger fish and trumpet fish.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Alma Jane Wreck Divesite

The Atoll

Atoll # 17

DEPTH: 18 to 33M

TRAVEL TIME: from Sabang 10 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

A huge rock rising from 33m to 20m, forms the main attraction of this unusual dive site. Soft corals all over this rock make it a spectacular place where you have the chance to see lots of wonderful critters. Moray Eels are often found hiding in the rock face. The rock attracts schools of small reef fish. For the macro photography guys, there is a good chance of finding a Seahorse or maybe some rare Nudibranchs. White tip reef sharks have been seen resting on the sea floor at the base of the rock. This is a great area to dive on Nitrox.

The Canyons

Canyons # 14

DEPTH: 20 to 35M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 10 mins, from White Beach 33 mins

For Experienced Divers only. This dive starts with a bit of a drift, you have to follow the guide carefully so that you get swept into the correct starting position. The strong current will push you over several small drop-offs (of about 5m/17' each). There are three canyons that you can duck into, great for catching your breath, or just to get away from the strong current. There is a great deal to see as you are swept along. Large schools of small reef fish are abundant in this area, but t's the larger varieties that make this dive spot so popular; Sweetlips, Barracudas, Trevally, Tuna, and the occasional shark. Popular Nitrox dive. Probably the best ADVANCED dive site in Puerto Galera – you WILL want to dive here AGAIN.

Coral Garden

Coral Gardens # 28

DEPTH: 4 to 10M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 10 mins, from White Beach 20 mins

The word "Garden" truly is the best way to describe this beautiful dive site which is also perfect for snorkeling. The dive normally begins in very shallow water (3m/10') and gently slopes off to a maximum depth of about 10m/33ft. Large formations of Barrel coral, Plate coral, Brain coral and many varieties of colourful soft corals. There are many varieties of fish here too, including; Giant Pufferfish, Yellow Trumpetfish, Dwarf Lionfish, to name just a few. Make sure you bring a camera, as this is an underwater photographers dream come true.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Coral Gardens Divesite

Dungon Wall

Dungon Wall # 9

DEPTH: 10 to 27M

TRAVEL TIME: from Sabang 5 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

The dive normally begins on a slope covered in hard and soft corals. Dropping down, you'll find yourself on a pretty wall (starting at 10 meters and continuing down to 27 meters). There are many cracks and crevices in the wall, with Moray Eels, Scorpionfish and Porcupine fish hiding in them. The wall is also famous for its assortment of Nudibranchs, Dwarf Lionfish, Angelfish, Triggerfish, Butterfly fish, Trumpet fish, and many of the smaller reef fish. Make sure you bring a camera.

Giant Clams

Giant Clams # 25

DEPTH: 5 to 16M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 15 mins, from White Beach 20 mins

The Giant Clams dive site gets it's name from the numerous large Clams (some over 1.5m/5' long) that reside in about 6 metres of water. However it is thought of as a fantastic Muck diving area. This dive often begins by dropping down to 16m/53' where the sandy bottom hides Stingrays, Pipefish, Hairy Frogfish and many other wonderful and exotic creatures. Swimming shallower, you will encounter the "Giant Clams" and many wonderful fish species. You'll want to dive here more than once.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Giant Clams Divesite

Hole In The Wall

Hole In The Wall # 12


TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 10 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

Situated on Escarceo Point, this dive is typically performed as an 18m/60' profile. Allowing for currents you drop into 9m/30' of well-lit water, with fields of table corals as good as anywhere in the world. You descend in several 3m/9' steps and reach The Hole at about 13m/45'. The Hole (more of a short tunnel) is about 1½m/5' wide, the entrance is covered with multi-coloured sponges and soft corals. Without a doubt a world class dive site. After passing through the Hole, you will encounter the resident Sweetlips and there are often Jacks swimming around the top of the wall.

Photos available on STP facebook. Album: Hole in the Wall

Kilima Steps

Kilima Steps # 18

DEPTH: 5 to 30M

TRAVEL TIME: from Sabang 10 mins, from White Beach 35 mins

The site is named for the series of reefs (the so called "Steps") that run from 30m/100', all the way up to 5m/15'. It's very common to do your safety stop hovering above the last ”Step”. There are a large variety of Nudibranchs in this area. Lion fish, Moray Eels, Porcupine Pufferfish, Triggerfish, Tuna and Surgeonfish, are just some of the species to be found here. There is a vast assortment of Coral in this area too.

La Laguna Point

La Laguna Point # 2

DEPTH: 4 to 18M

TRAVEL TIME: from Sabang 1 mins, from White Beach 25 mins

This is one of the most popular spots for Night Diving. Starting in 4m/13' of water, you swim towards the "Point" an area that separates Small La Laguna from Coco Beach. The area has an abundance of rocky outcrops, where many wonderful creatures hide during the day. Turtles are a common sight here, as well as; Moorish Idols, Giant Pufferfish, Trumpetfish, Frogfish, and many more common species.

Photos available on STP facebook. Album: La Laguna Point

Manila Channel

Manila Channel # 29

DEPTH: 5 to 24M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 15 mins, from White Beach 20 mins

The dive begins in about 5m/17' of water. This beautiful reef has many varieties of hard and soft corals, as well as small tropical fish like Damsels, Butterflyfish and many other species. When dived on a flood tide, clear water from the Verde Passage helps you drift around into the channel. A series of small walls make this a great multilevel dive. A great dive for photography, as there are many; Nudibranchs, Moray Eels, Lionfish, and much more to be seen.

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach # 7

DEPTH: 5 to 24M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 2 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

Monkey Beach is a gentle slope planted with colorful corals and frequented by many marine species, including; Trumpetfish, Anemone fish, Surgeonfish, Nudibranchs and Turtles, as well as the usual suspects. At the bottom of the slope you will find the Monkey Beach Wreck (a wooden vessel that has become a shelter to Rock Cod and Snappers, as well as the ever entertaining Cleaner Shrimp). Monkey Beach is often covered as part of a Drift Dive.

Photos available on STP facebook. Album: Monkey Beach

Sabang Point

Sabang Point # 6

DEPTH: 5 to 25M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 2 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

A vast array of hard and soft corals cover this beautiful reef, from very shallow down to 25m where you will find the white sandy bottom (a great area to find Blue spotted Stingrays). Large Sea Fans and Whip corals are found on the deeper part of the reef. This very healthy reef also has a huge variety of creatures, such as; Blue Ribbon Eels, Mantis Shrimp, Emperor Angelfish, Parrotfish, Surgeonfish and Triggerfish, it also supports a large variety of Nudibranchs.

Sabang Wrecks

Sabang Wrecks # 4

DEPTH: 18 to 20M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 1 mins, from White Beach 25 mins

Perhaps the most popular dive site in Puerto Galera, the Sabang Wrecks are a photographer's and macro lover's mecca. At first glance, the three wrecks don't look too impressive. Look closer... As you get closer to the main wreck a school of friendly Batfish will greet you, and with them will come; Surgeonfish, Damselfish, Butterflyfish and more. The wrecks are a great place to see a huge variety of marine life. Be careful not to get too close as numerous very well camouflaged Scorpionfish and Stonefish live on the wrecks. Have a look inside and the underneath wrecks, and you'll find giant Moray Eels, Cleaner Shrimp as well as schools of Squirrelfish hiding during the day. One of the big attractions however are Frogfish, that can be found around the wrecks.

Click Here to see Photos taken at the Sabang Wrecks Divesite

Sinandigan Wall

Sinandigan Wall # 20

DEPTH: 5 to 40M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 15 mins, from White Beach 35 mins

Nudibranch heaven! Basically a rocky slope going down to 30m, where big rocks are scattered on the bottom. The diversity of creatures is massive. On the same dive, it's possible to encounter over a dozen different species of colorful Nudibranchs, as well as Harlequin Sweetlips, Lionfish, the occasional Leaffish, warty Frogfish, Cuttlefish and Crocodilefish hiding under rocky outcrops. The walls are covered with sponges and tree corals. Once you leave the walls and head in to shallower water, you will find an impressive variety of hard corals. This is a great dive site for photographers but everyone usually loves this colorful and varied dive.

The Sea Grass

The Sea Grass # 5

DEPTH: 2 to 8M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 1 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

This is a very popular dive site for macro photographers, but can be enjoyed by all divers. The sea grass area ranges from 2 to 8 meters in depth. It's just off the beach and can be done as a Shore Dive (no boat required). This grassy area hides some spectacular critters; Pipefish, Seahorses, Pufferfish, Flounders, and Turtles (just to name a few). Many varieties of Juvenile fish start their life here. Take your time and look closely around the rocks and coral debris, you'll find miniature lionfish and scorpionfish.

West Escarceo

West Escarceo # 11

DEPTH: 5 to 35M

TRAVEL TIME : from Sabang 10 mins, from White Beach 30 mins

This dive site is suitable for all levels of diver. Beginning in shallow water, the reef follows a fairly steep slope down to over 30m/100'. When the current is strong you may find yourself being carried passed the Hole In the Wall or around the peninsula towards the Canyons. There is a huge variety of very colorful soft corals, as well as large boulder corals and table corals in the shallow water, making this site a favourite with photographers.

Photos available on STP facebook. Album: West Escarceo